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State Testing

Check with your district testing coordinator to verify your district's specific testing window. dates

CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress)

Accommodations listed on a student's IEP for state testing need to be entered on an Excel template spreadsheet and then uploaded by the CAASPP coordinator into TOMS in order for the embedded accommodations to be available. Information on how to upload the information, and for the template, click HERE
California Assessment Accessibility Resources Matrix provides an overview of embedded and non embedded accommodations for State Testing.

CAA (California Alternative Assessment)

Examiners click HERE for information and required training.  
Use the Statewide Alternate Assessment Decision Confirmation Worksheet to determine if a student is eligible to take the CAA.  Only 1% of the student body is allowed to take the CAA. Districts that expect to test more than 1% of their students using the CAA must notify the CDE and provide the justification for surpassing that threshold.
CAA & 1%: The district of responsibility counts their students that are being served outside of their district. 

For further technical assistance or training on state testing, you can contact Jeremy Sawtelle or Shere DePaoli at the Shasta County Office of Education


DRDP (Desired Results Developmental Profiles)

The DRDP is administered to special education students ages 3-5 who are not enrolled in TK or Kindergarten, through the SEIS portal.  Only one test per student is given, and if multple service providers work with the student (SLP, teacher, OT, etc), they should collaborate on the assessment.
The Special Education Division implements the DRDP in SELPAs to comply with the IDEA 2004 and requirements of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs.
DRDP results are used for reporting Indicator 7: Preschool Child Outcomes of the State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report.
All resources, tools, and policy announcements regarding the DRDP for special education are posted on the Desired Results Access Project’s website.